News flash! B2B businesses can achieve real success with Facebook. By putting Facebook demographics to use you can not only reach existing and potential customers, but potential employees and community influencers too.  


With over 1 billion active daily users Facebook is still THE social media channel. This means that you can be certain there is an opportunity to grow your business using Facebook. You just need to look beyond LinkedIn, get smart, and set yourself up to become a B2B Facebook success.


Here’s our 10 step guide


1 // Make like LinkedIn


If like many B2B businesses you’ve used LinkedIn successfully then you have masses of transferable knowledge. Text adverts, sponsored company page updates, and lead nurturing is all possible. The mind-set shift for Facebook is that you’re dealing with a professional audience, on their personal social media platform.


2 // Plan

Develop a content plan which is phased. To begin with, in phase one, your content aim should be to get people engaged and to ultimately ‘like’ your page. Then, phase two is all about momentum. Make sure content is regular and relevant, driving up engagement figures, and also driving traffic to your website.

Top tip – Keep content as well ordered as possible.  Make use of the ‘events’ tab, upload videos using the ‘videos’ tab and create named photo albums.


3 // Target

When it comes to Facebook demographics there are lots of different ways to condense down your audience, and become incredibly specific. From job titles to particular industries or even specific companies. As well as geography, demographics, interests and behaviours.

Remember – You might want to exclude those who already ‘like’ your page so that your campaign talks to a new audience.


4 // Steer clear of naval gazing

Back in the days of traditional PR the first lesson any account executive learnt was that a business had to connect, authentically with its audience.   Nothing has changed, in fact in the era of social media it has been amplified. Whilst Facebook is the perfect place to share company culture, don’t talk about your own internal news all the time. Keep your eyes up to the wider world.

Top tip – aim for an 80/20 split of your own content to other people’s content.


5 // Enable reviews

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review.

All the more reason to enable reviews on your Facebook page. Of course positive reviews are great for business, but even negative reviews can provide an opportunity to showcase your high customer service standards and provide helpful feedback.

Top Tip – You wouldn’t dream of allowing the office phone to ring unanswered.  The same applies to Facebook. Make sure to reply to all of your reviews.


6 // Customise your audience

We’ve been helping clients to create custom audiences by adding a pixel code to their web pages. This enables them to target anyone using Facebook who has previously visited a page on their website over the last 180 days.


7 // Create a lookalike audience

We’ve also been using these same clever pixel tracking codes alongside the Facebook Power Editor to help our clients create lookalike audiences. This means they’re able to enjoy more precise control over their Facebook adverts, and reach their perfect audience with the right message.


8 // Promote your page and boost your posts

Thanks to Facebook’s audience segmentation tool you can test different target groups, based on various filters. Depending on your content, you might start with those who have visited your website, and also consider specific demographic locations, job titles, or personal interests.


9 // Collect leads

You are also able to use Facebook tools to collect leads direct from your page, which means the audience does not have to leave the site to sign up for your free call to action content. Great news if you’re adept at creating stellar Whitepapers, newsletters and promotions in order to capture leads.


10 // Test and improve

When you run a Facebook B2B campaign set a specific objective, and be clear about what success will look like from the outset. Then test numerous variables including the post type, message, audience, day, time of day etc.…

So you see, there is life beyond LinkedIn for B2B businesses. Facebook offers an incredibly straight forward way to become a sophisticated publisher of content.


If you’d like to begin creating your Facebook marketing strategy get in touch. Our team can help you carefully consider your objectives and target audiences, and put a plan in place to ensure your investment delivers.



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