The great and the good of marketing have been extoling the virtues of content marketing for years now.  In fact according to renowned author Seth Godin, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”


And it’s true. Since 2010 Google has transformed customer buying behaviours. Sales teams are no longer first port of call. Instead, online search is the first step, with your website allowing potential customers to check you out, read a few articles, and see what you’re all about. There might be a visit to your social media page to gauge your firm’s ‘personality’ and hear what your community is saying about you. All of this is so your potential customer can see who, of the many firms available, can be most trusted to solve his or her problem.


Today’s marketing landscape:
As the MD or marketing director of a small to medium sized business this will all ring true. You know that the tried and tested tactics you deployed successfully simple don’t cut the mustard anymore. They seem unable to garner the attention they once did.

  •  You’re finding that return on advertising investment is down. Whist the cost to advertise has stayed static, or perhaps increased
  • Specialist printed publications, once your go to public relations channel, have all but vanished (or now link coverage & ad spend so closely every piece smacks of an advertorial)
  • Email marketing is starting to feel like a bit of a struggle, with open rates stalling
  • Online is getting harder too. Having invested heavily a few years ago in a shiny new website you now find that it’s not behaving as the sales funnel you hoped it would
  • Don’t even mention telemarketing


Thing is, your business is still just as expert, just as professional. The audience you’re trying to reach still exists, and the issues they face could still be helped by your product or service.

You feel like you are banging your head a little. How on earth do you reach them?

Drum roll please… CONTENT!

The aim should be high quality, cleverly created content which is on brand but never pushy or salesy.  It should be unique (even if it’s just your spin on an existing idea), shareable, personalised whenever possible, relatable, informative and capable of adapting to numerous platforms (your website, various social channels etc.).

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Here’s some examples of the types of content you could consider:

  • Top quality advice & ‘how-to’ guides
  • Visuals – images, infographics, videos, quizzes
  • True stories – customers experiences, or behind the scenes of your story
  • Creative & technical tips
  • Content curation – you capture the best of the relevant web for your audience


+ Strategy
OK, now we return to the reason why this blog is entitled, Content Marketing is King (well almost).  We say ‘well almost’ because content itself cannot bring results. Catchy headlines, well researched white papers, funny videos, web games and online applications only achieve their potential as part of an overall strategy.

Otherwise the whole process becomes rather uneconomical, and dare we say it, pointless.


So, here’s our STRATEGIC SIX. Questions we ask clients to make sure their content marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders.

  1. What do you want your content to achieve?
  2. Who are you targeting?
  3. What type of information does this target audience want to consume?
  4. How can you make sure what you create is valuable to them?
  5. What do you want them to do when they come across your content?
  6. What will you do, when they do that?


Investing in content
And, that brings us full circle, back to the killer question we posed at the start.
In today’s digital landscape, how on earth do you reach your potential customers?
The answer is of course content, but with a strong strategy supporting it all the way.

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