The results are in, and according to the Email Marketing Industry Census 2016, email marketing has once again delivered highest ROI ahead of SEO. But, worryingly, is not receiving the budget spend it should.  


With this in mind we thought we’d share our SMART IN SEVEN. A list of inarguable benefits of email marketing which will help you understand the reasons why it should be a priority that your small business does not ignore.


Key findings from the Email Marketing Industry Census 2016 report

  • Email delivers highest ROI ahead of SEO, but is not receiving the budget spend
  • Delivering advanced database segmentation continues to be a challenge
  • Mobile optimisation not given the focus it needs
  • More work to be done in implementing automated email programmes
  • Use of third-party email systems has increased significantly

SMART IN SEVEN; email marketing benefits for small business


1 // Stay front of mind

Your customers are busy, and do not always remember you. By scheduling regular emails brimming with promotions, news & helpful advice it’ll be far easier to stay front of mind, and be on the consideration list when they are next in the market for your product or service.

2 // Stay relevant

It’s true that web based messaging (Instant Messenger, WhatsApp etc.) is becoming part of the status quo, but that does not mean that email is the poor relation when it comes to digital. It is in fact the exact opposite. As the Cross Channel Marketing Report (2015) found 48% of marketers’ rate email as the second most important marketing channel after their website.

3 // Keeps costs under control

If you’re starting your email programme from scratch there are lots of proven and trusted third-party systems to use. These include Mailchimp, DotMailer and Campaign Monitor. Usually it’s the size of the database you email which dictates the fee you pay, and with some programmes it’ll be totally free until you reach a first limit. Mailchimp is free until you hit 2,000 subscribers. In addition, you will find a whole host of well-designed templates to make sure your emails look well put together and professional.

4 // Make the most of what you already have

If you have a website, it’s likely that you also have a blog (as this is the holy grail when it comes to making sure you’re found on Google search).  You’re already investing time and resource creating this blog…now you can really make the most of it.  Add in an exclusive promotion for subscribers, a link to a new case study, or news of a team member acing their recent training and your content calendar is already starting to look populated.  


TOP TIP –  Have a database of customers?  Start your email programme with a one-off “would you like to hear from us” email.  They’ll unsubscribe at this point if they want to.  If they don’t you can go ahead and email them.


5 // Great way to cultivate leads

The aim of your email marketing is to encourage subscribers to click through to your website to read more, get in touch or to buy something. You can nail this process by making sure the content you include is simple to digest and peppered with strong calls to action.


6 // Straight forward way to capitalise on social media

One of the biggest issues small business owners have with social media marketing, is that they struggle to understand the results.  By including links to your email newsletters on social media you can drive sign up, grow your database, and start to track engagement more closely.


7 // Gain a snapshot of what works, and what does not

Email marketing is, without a doubt, the simplest way to test out content, promotions, personalised offers, and see real-time what subscribers think. This is because there are some straight forward measurements (open rate & click through rate) which can be analysed. The leading third party email systems hold this data in jargon free, easy to navigate dashboards. Meaning you can get to grips with, and respond to the findings quickly.

As Seth Godin, renowned author of Purple Cow famously said. “So… Email = totally worth dating, engaging, marrying and having babies with”.  Agree?  It’s time to get in touch.


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