Do you…

want to increase your turnover and profitability // need help with your business and marketing strategy but don’t know where to turn // want us to demonstrate how we can help you grow your business in a strategy session?

Marketing Strategy Workshop

Clear your diary for half a day and let’s get started…

Book your marketing strategy workshop (£560)

What to expect…

Prior to your workshop, we will need you to complete a short questionnaire which is designed to unlock key company information that will enable us to be fully prepared for your workshop, and ensure we make full use of the time available.

We will be using the information you provide to create an agenda for the workshop that enables us to discuss and focus on the key areas of your marketing we believe will help generate results in the right areas, such as:

  • Developing a practical marketing plan
  • Effective research of your target customers
  • Improving retention through genuine customer care

During your workshop session we will cover 4 main areas:

  1. Your overall business strategy
  2. A review of your current marketing activity
  3. Quick fixes and immediate improvements
  4. How VMS can help you achieve your objectives

You will need…

  • The desire to make changes within your business to achieve your overall goals
  • To come along yourself, with co-owners or senior team members – the choice is yours
  • A notepad or laptop on the day – to record ideas, notes and development plans


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