The CHP Annual Report

The Challenge

Chelmer Housing Partnership, a locally managed and governed charitable housing association based in Chelmsford, asked us to create the 2013/14 version of their annual report.

Not something you would initially think would be a challenging task, think again! As they heavily involve the residents association in the content and production of this report the process is a very challenging one indeed. The challenge for us was to deliver value, quality, engagement and peace of mind while also ensuring a majority of the residents association loved the design and visual aspects.

The Solution

There was no doubt we could deliver what was being asked of us but to deliver it in such a unique way was the unusual aspect of this project. Working directly with not only the client but also the end user was a unique and challenging process but a valuable one! We in some cases had to throw our experience out the window and work purely on what this audience wanted from this report.

Working to very tight deadlines we delivered a finished report, on time and within budget which was very well received by the committee, client and audience with feedback being very positive indeed.



The residents were very keen to ensure this was not a boring document, they demanded something that would be pleasing on the eye to help make the content digestible.



A new format was used for this edition, helping deliver the content in a more compact way. Instead of a standard A4 portrait format we opted for a smaller, modern, convenient size.



The main purpose of the report is to convey the figures and results from the association, this content needed to be brought to life using additional visual elements.