The Essex PCC Annual Report

The Challenge

Each year the Crime Commissioner for Essex have to create an Annual Report detailing the work and achievements of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex. For two years now VMS have worked with the Essex PCC department to create an interesting, informative and attractive report to inform the public on the results from the past year.

The challenge for this particular document is making it interesting and visual. The content can be hard work to digest at times so delivering it in new and interesting ways is always a key challenge.

The Solution

When we initially redesigned the Annual Report we made sure there was far more focus on the visual aspect, more space allocated to photos, data would be portrayed in more of a visual way and key sections of text would be pulled out into a visual focus.

This direction proved a hit with not only the client but with their audience as well, great comments were received towards the new look and how much more interesting and engaging this piece of literature had become.


Visually Informative

The use of large statistics, pull quotes and other focus content has transformed this report into something more engaging and interesting.



We challenged Essex PCC to locate some new imagery for us to use within the report as previous editions had been too text heavy. This made a dramatic difference to the design and overall look of the new report.



The design is now more stylised, the content is now more engaging and overall the report is something people find of interest. The level of downloads from the website have increased and so has the positive feedback.