The Challenge

HotSpring World and Watkins UK have been a longtime valued client of VMS, originally engaging with us to create a new website for them we have developed a fantastic working relationship since then spanning over 8yrs.

Hotspring World part of Watkins are the world’s largest manufacturer of hot tubs, they have a brilliant brand and amazing products, it’s been our job to support them over these many years in ensuring the consumer knows how great these products really are. The demand for hot tubs in the UK over the past few years has grown rapidly, so has competition!

Hotspring World face a never ending battle against increasing competition offering lower grade products for much lower prices. This is something that if not combated could prove a problem for sales of the brand throughout the UK market. Hotspring products are quality products with cutting edge technology, efficiency and after sales support, this obviously comes with a higher price-tag.

The Solution

We work alongside Hotspring World operating as their outsourced design and marketing department consistently delivering monthly advice, creative ideas and  implementation,  online support, online development and generally a team they can rely on to pick up the phone to or meet with knowing we deliver the best advice and service every time.

The Hotspring brand is ever changing and we face new challenges every month, by understanding the business and it’s products so well we can react quickly and deliver on time every time. Ensuring their marketing is managed from a single point means the brand remains consistent, literature and messages are defined against objectives and everything works together. This avoids wasted energy and cost on a more ‘scatter-gun’ approach that many business still employ.

We take great pride in how we have helped develop the Hotspring brand over these many years into what people see today, it takes a lot of work, creativity and understanding to work at this level but it’s the results experienced and growth that has taken place which prove it works.


Defined marketing campaigns


Strong and established brand


Increased online enquiries


Increased showroom sales


As well as the main Hotspring brand and product line, we have also designed and developed marketing for associated products and services they offer.


We work with Hotspring World month to month ensuring their brand is represented with the quality as their products. Delivering marketing for monthly offers, national advertising, online advertising and product literature. Hotspring World have gone from strength to strength over the past few years and we like to think we have played our part in this growth with the ongoing support we give them.


Hotspring want to show consumers just how it feels to own a hot tub, so VMS help to create content to deliver this. Whether it’s video, customer stories, online product tools or supporting resources. In the modern marketing world people need to almost be able to touch what you are selling so bringing them as close as possible is the challenge to achieving this.


Anyone that owns a hot tub needs accessories and chemicals to keep it running at it’s best. We developed this online shop for Hotspring which in it’s latest state delivers a great ROI month on month with very little running costs. They are now able to sell and make money 24hrs a day even after selling a hot tub.


Hotspring World use their social accounts to update consumers on their latest products, news and offers. A powerful business tool for them. We support them by providing engaging content when required to help promote products or services to their social audience.


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