We all know that email marketing delivers results. Businesses around the world use it day in day out to raise brand awareness, and grow sales. But there is another highly effective communication channel open to many small businesses, one which the vast majority are yet to master. SMS automated marketing, otherwise known as the text message.


Take a look at these facts

  • The average open rate for UK SME email marketing campaigns in 2016 is 22.87%
  • The average open rate for UK SME SMS marketing campaigns in 2016 is 98%


OK, that probably caught your interest. Now let’s dig a little deeper.

Today 93% of all British adults personally own/use a mobile phone, totalling a dizzying 91.5m mobile subscriptions. That’s a lot of people with the potential to receive an SMS text message from your business.


Why SMS works for business

  • SMS is incredibly fast, delivering your business message into the pocket of existing, and potential customers within seconds.
  • Is incredibly flexible, allowing for segmented groups and tailored messages.
  • Thanks to short codes, opt in, and opt out is really straight-forwards.
  • It has an incredibly high conversation rate, especially when used for promotions or competitions.
  • It is ultra-reliable, as unlike email messages, texts do not get caught behind spam filters.

Just like email, the beauty of text message communication is that it is less disruptive than a phone call. In fact, as we read recently in The Guardian, a vast proportion of the population actually hate phone calls. With 72% of people (according to a TeleTech study) thinking phone calls are the worst way for a business to undertake sales & customer service.

But, there is a challenge. With SMS marketing comes the need to be available to your customer 24X7. This means to really feel the benefits you need to automate your SMS communications.


The good news is, the process can be relatively simple, and easy to integrate into your existing marketing activities. Here’s how…

  • If you already have a CRM-database you can really boost its use. By linking in your SMS automated campaigns you can record, examine and reply to your customers’ query even when they are on move.
  • You can show you really care. By using automation you’re able to set up clever reminders on individual campaigns. Perhaps a customer reaches an anniversary and has been loyal to you for twelve months, your automated SMS process could send them a thank you and offer a promotional gift or special offer.
  • You can listen. SMS automation is not another channel through which to push content. Success comes when businesses use it to cultivate the art of listening, and of problem solving. From a sales perspective there is no tool more powerful for helping retain customers longer.
  • You’re able to improve customer communication, yet at the same time reduce workload. By automating SMS processes your marketing becomes consistent and reliable (with the added benefit of reduced human error).
  • It’s easy to cultivate personal relationships, as with SMS Automation you can send individual, well-timed and effective text messages to customers & potential customers. From there you are able to continue with one-to-one text messaging directly, as you respond, up-sell, inform and reward.
  • Because all text messages are recorded (ideally in your CRM system) you’re able to enhance, control and monitor the conversation between your business, and everyone you talk to. Great if you want to strengthen relationships, ensure compliance, and foster the highest level of customer service.


Marketing Faux Pas! According to Ofcom birthday messages remain a text no-go area. Traditional cards still reign, and are a sure fire way to show loyal customers that you care.


If you see an opportunity to utilise SMS automation within your marketing, but could use some help, get in touch.


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